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About Gayle

When not listening in on the imaginary conversations of her characters, Gayle enjoys running half marathons, hiking with her golden retriever, biking, and traveling to her favorite places—  Peru; Botswana and Zambia, Africa; and anywhere in France. She currently lives in her dream house – a cabin in the woods near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

About The Serpent, the Puma, and the Condor

When an Inca shamanic priestess learns of an ancient prophecy that white men from across the sea will murder or enslave her people and cause her gods to be forgotten, she reluctantly accepts that her destiny is to prevent the Spaniards’ discovery of Machu Picchu, the cradle of the Inca faith. But her task becomes all the more difficult when she befriends two Spaniards: one, a handsome young conquistador; and the other, a dying Catholic priest who comes to her for a cure – a cure she knows can only take place within the confines of the sacred city.

Gayle's Travels

Visit Gayle's photo gallery to get an up-close look at her travels to Machu Picchu.

Gayle's Blog


Serendipity. The Oxford English Dictionary defines serendipity as “the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident”.  As an aside, the word appears to have originated with a Persian fairytale – The Three Princes…

News & Events

Gayle Marie has earned the prestigious Gold Medal IPPY for Best First Book at the 2019 Independent Publishers Book Awards for her novel, The Serpent, The Puma, and The Condor: A Tale of Machu Picchu.