About Gayle

Gayle was just a kid in the sixties when she begged her mother to buy Shredded Wheat so she could read about the Wonders of the World on the back of the box. Never once did she dream that she would one day see a “Wonder” with her own eyes, let alone write a novel about one.

Always a romantic in search of a life worth writing about, Gayle has led a peripatetic existence, leaving her hometown of Boise, Idaho, and moving to Arizona where she became fascinated by The Hopi Way. From there, she lived for a time in other culturally diverse areas: rural Mississippi; New Orleans; Whitefish, Montana; and Ojai, California. But always, the mountains called, and she returned to the northwest, eventually settling in the ski town of Jackson, Wyoming.

Her first career was as an astrologer, and that same curiosity about what makes people “tick” ultimately led to a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Now retired, she enjoys using her obsessive research methods, her insight into human nature, and her love of magical elements in everyday life, to tell her stories.

With the launch of The Serpent, The Puma, and The Condor: A Tale of Machu Picchu, Gayle looks forward to completing her second novel, The Muse of Albi, a time-travel story that takes place in New Orleans and France.